New Music Video: Holding On – S.P.O.T


Known for tracks, Back 2 U and Flight School , taken from the EP The Extended Player (available on iTunes) , S.P.O.T (Strategy Produces Overall Thought)  returns with two new singles for the summer, Holding On and All I Know.

The New York lyricist recently took a trip to The Netherlands, Holland where he began the recording process for his next project…and also took advantage of shooting visuals for his latest bangers.

Shot in black and white, Holding On is a story of hope that all audiences can relate to. Over the past few months, the conscious emcee and his independent record label Down 2 Earth Records (D2E) are planning to release a new video every month as D2E approaches its one year anniversary later this year.

So here’s the first of many, check out the visual to Holding On.

Album review: Barnegat – Tdel2

TDEL21. Counting Tress and USBs
2. Fearless Youth
3. Valves & Sneakers
4. Kenwood
5. Two Systems
6. Greta
7. In Your Mind
8. Selection Sunday
9. Running
10. Tulips
11. Neon Keys
12. All I Know
13. There, the Morning Light

The man behind TDEL2, Tony DeLuca has released his debut full-length album Barnegat last month, which offers 13 tracks of beautifully-complex melodies, mixing acoustic with electronic elements with, on occasions, feather-light vocals.

Although Barnegat is an  electronic indie rock production, I couldn’t help notice a hint of perhaps 80’s pop chucked in there, which kind of remind me of A-HA, NEW ORDER and DURAN DURAN rolled into one.

Barnegat starts off easing into the pleasantly-light/feel-good Counting Trees and & USBs and the equally fresh Fearless Youth, where the occasional crisp,  A-HA-esque vocals floats throughout these songs. The album also features  instrumental tracks Kenwood (where you’re greeted with the lo-fi melody then suddenly hit with the raging guitars); electro pop, Two Systems, Greta and In Your Mind. I felt these tracks would benefit from that refreshingly light vocals featured in Counting Trees & USBs and Fearless Youth.

Barnegat regained its high with 80’s inspired electro pop  Running ( the crisp and now echoic vocals returns, which is much welcomed) and the dauntingly-light, attention-grabbing Neon Keys.

Overall Barnegat, makes pleasant listening. The album takes you on a rollercoaster journey with well produced, 80’s -influenced soothing mixture of high/low melodies.

To find out more about Tony DeLuca, take a trip to his website.