Youre the One Jennie B


Day’s song is You’re the One by  JENNIE B.

Hailing from Ireland, this hip-hop princess is no stranger to the stage – from the age of 11, she performed at the Westend and Disneyland Paris. By the late teens,  she decided to take care her career to another level by taking singing lessons.

JENNIE B had itchy feet and moved to the Big Apple to pursue her career as a recording artist…and she meant business! As well as working along with choreographers who trained up JANET JACKSON, RIHANNA and MISSY ELLIOT, she fine-tuned her vocals with singing coach Norma Garbo who also perfected the vocals of TAYLOR SWIFT – and went on tour with SCISSORS SISTERS as their voice coach.

She took a liking to the underground hip-hop scene and released a video to her track, All The Boys.  Produced by the all-rounder artist, the video received over 60,000 views on YouTube. Despite having with minimal  promotion, the video found its way to EMI  and Ultra Records and generated interest amongst renowned DJs and rappers.

So let’s see if You’re the One will push her right to the top. This track perfectly sums up JENNIE B – fun with twist of Rnb, pop, hip-hop and dance – have a listen! If you’re feeling this track, head over to her on Twitter and show your appreciation @JennieBmusic.

Star Song: Something to Tell – Dice Cannon (ft King Dice O)

Dice Cannon

Today’s song is coming from DICE CANNON featuring KING DICE O.

Recently I featured DICE CANNON’s long-time collaborator KING DICE O with the release of the upcoming mixtape, The Life Vol.1.  Now he’s back featuring on his boy’s super smooth track, Something to Tell. This track features some crazy cuts from JANET JACKSON’s 80’s hit Let’s Wait Awhile. To top it off, you get to hear both of these guys’ smooth, bounce-to-the-beat-flow. They make it look so easy! Check it out! If you’re liking this track, you can head over to DICE CANNON‘s SoundCloud page where you can check out a collection of his tracks.

This track is coming from DICE CANNON’s upcoming mixtape Casualties Of Dice Game, AND KING DICE O’s mixtape, The Life Vol.1