Mixtape Review: No Prescription – Jaysin

no prescription jaysin
NEW LEASE MUSIC favourite black sheep, JAYSIN makes a comeback with his 13-track mixtape, No Prescription, dropped last week via Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.
Featuring a head rolling intro and easy cruising, laid-back (and equally head jerking) bangers, this Alabama rapper on-the-rise predominantly focus on personal struggles and (let’s say) his love-love relationship on a cocktail of drugs…like he said in the mixtape, don’t judge (because everyone is addicted to something), check out his latest project right here. REAL dope; his best mixtape to date.
Must Listens: Intro, Facts, Street Poet, Keeping Moving On, Get To Me, Tha Devil

Mixtape Review: Potty Mouth Vol. 2 – JaySIN

Potty Mouth Vol 2

JAYSIN resurface once again with his latest release Potty Mouth Vol.2 . The 12 track mixtape displays the young emcee’s super rapid flow, questioning the meaning of life and the obstacles that comes out of nowhere and presents itself.  The beats featured in this project definitely surpass the preceding mixtape, Potty Mouth Vol.1 – each track sports an easy-cruising and a smoother, quality-perfect bassline. Check it out here.

#TheMustListens: Doesn’t Make Sense, None Like Me, Pol-I-Tix, Sleepwalkers, When I Get Rich

Mixtape Review: Potty Mouth – JaySin

Potty Month Jaysin

1. Potty Mouth Intro
2. Porta Potty
3. Roses
4. Enemies Bleeds
5. Horror Story
6. Death Wish
7. No Peace
8. Romance
9. DXB
10. Sh*t I Do It (Feat. Heavy Trev)
11. Role Model (remix)

Good news has come to Jason Slusser ‘s way since his last appearance on NEW LEASE MUSIC with his mixtape Clear Eye’d . He struck a deal with record label Diverse Sounds Entertainment which led to the birth of his first professionally- recorded mixtape, Potty Mouth released last month.

Unlike Clear Eye’d , the 11-track mixtape is a less radical representation of his life. Roses is a perfect example of this upriser’s fresh stamp on hip-hop, as it features a smooth soulful drive which is coupled with the Chicago – born emcee’s heartfelt wordplay of love and encouragement.

He hasn’t  deserted his truth-be-told lyrics. In No Peace, JAYSIN raps about the corruption and the influence the government has over society, whereas  Horror Story gives an account of the overall harsh experience of his past  – both tracks possessing a dauntingly-dope bassline.

Potty Mouth definitely ends on a high with Role Model (remix). With seriously head-rolling beats, this track shows that this black sheep of society (his words, not mine)  is not leaving the hip-hop game anytime soon. The mixtape  displays that he definitely deserves his new chapter with Diverse Sounds Entertainment.  To experience JAYSIN’s world, check out Potty Mouth right here.