Album Review: Eight Days A Week – King Blitz

After a loooong spell away from the scene, KING BLITZ came back bolder with track, ‘That’s Real’, featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC back in January. Now the Indiana wordsmith is keeping the momentum at full speed with his ten-track album, ‘Eight Days A  Week’, released late last month.

A downtempo and menacing bass dominates and runs riot in the latest project, where this young emcee slams down his flow at varying speed. Somehow this smooth operator always comes out on top as his spats seamlessly weave throughout in every single track – well I guess that’s why he’s called KING BLITZ!

There’s some real gems in this set for those who are into alternative hip-hop; go and check it!

Must Listens: 99, New Wave, No Surprise, Yuu, Does It Matter 

New Track: That’s Real – King Blitz


It’s been a loooong time since this guy appeared on NEW LEASE MUSIC but KING BLITZ returns with a very exciting new collaboration with Penacho Beats entitled ‘That’s Real’.

Blitz comes through with an incredibly emotional verse over some acoustic-soul production, while Penacho do what does do best — pull out the bass.

The comeback track is taken from the Indiana rapper’s forthcoming mixtape, schedule for release in March via iTunes and Apple Music.

With a sound and style that’s all his own, armed with an extra helping of swagger and boundless enthusiasm, KING BLITZ became one of the most talked about up and coming hip-hop artists when he was barely twenty years old. He subsequently appeared on tracks with his peers, such as YMCMB and KE ON THE TRACK.

Check out the video for ‘That’s Real.’

Song of the Day: 0-100 – King Blitz


Today’s song is the cover of DRAKE’s hit 0-100 delivered by KING BLITZ.

The Indiana-based rapper first ventured out in audio engineering and music production, churning out beats for a string of  heavyweights, including DON CANNON and SL JONES as well as collaborating with WAKA FLOCK FLAME and LEX LUGAR.

Now the upriser has taken his musical journey to another level, with his effortless blend of R&B and hip-hop through his 2012 mixtape, K.I.N.G  and upcoming project, KING2.

So go ahead and sample 0-100…if you like what you hear, you’ll sure like his on-point release from his upcoming project, Round and Round – too good to miss! Enjoy!