Upcoming Release: New Man – Warme

New Man Warme

British five-piece rock outfit WARME takes a detour with their forthcoming single, New Man, taken from their album, Council House Opera out on 25th February.

Usually taking on the image of the Gallagher-esque two finger salute, the Bradford rockers venture into a more sentimental side of rock music. Featuring trance-like vocals with the alluringly hypnotic guitar riffs, their follow-up to previous effort, Council House Opera, is suited for those winter months ahead.

Band members Lee Walsh, Craig Hamilton, Jamie Hamilton, Macauley Haywood and Lewis Knight have been making their way up step by step, from supporting musicians such as Arthur Brown, Henry Rollins and The Strypes to playing in front of up to 25000 people at festivals. These down-to-Earth guys will be on the road again on 8th April at Star of Kings in Kings Cross, London. For further information on gigs, take a trip to their website.

New Man is set for release on 12th February…for now, watch the video