New Track: Cave In – KYOTI

KYOTI Cave in

London-based art pop project KYOTI released their debut offering Cave In.

With a focus on narratives that tell of love, loss, isolation, madness, the sugary-sweet 80s-inspired song is about the past and the future, with a friendship caught in the midst. It addresses the increasing divide between people who have grown up together and is a plea to those who have moved on, sold up, and mellowed out, to remember where they come from.

Already confirmed a session at London’s Sofar Sounds and with further material in the pipeline, the trio will also prove their multiple talents with Cave In‘s accompanying monochromatic visuals, featuring nostalgic archive footage characterised by a mesmerising motif of hands in an echo of the single’s artwork.

Having forged their own paths individually across the disciplines of music, theatre, art and film, KYOTI bring a broad spectrum of influences to the table in their unification as a band. The result is a unique meeting of music and visuals that promises to resonate with any listener looking for a sweet escape.

New Track: Liza Owen – Better With Me

Liza Owen

LIZA OWEN drops her new single Better With Me, produced by Swedish duo GoldFingers.

Having already collaborated with producers and artists including Jess Jackson (Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj), Ishi (Tinie Tempah), Jakwob and Kanye West, the 23-year-old British/Cambodian singer  is creating tracks that effortlessly bridge the pop vs cool divide.

A model too, with her bold and intrinsic style, she already has a huge Instagram following, and 3 million plus youtube views for her cover music videos.

New Music Video: Godlike – Puzzle

Brazilian born, London-based collaborative artist PUZZLE has recently released a video to the debut single Godlike, released last week.

With a strong interest in gaming, fantasy and digital art, PUZZLE wanted to create a striking concept for the video that captures the emotional heart of the song in abstract form. Approaching creative studio Territory, their response references geometric shapes, bold colours and surreal environments in a low poly head concept that creates a layer of mystery and fantasy by showing PUZZLE in 3D form.

Godlike is available on all major music outlets.

EP Review: Until The End – Melanie Crew

Melanie Crew

London-based singer and musician MELANIE CREW released her first ever EP, Until The End just ten days ago!

The guitarist and clarinet player displays all the qualities of  honing in potential listeners with the soothing presence of the lone acoustic guitar with sugary sweet and angelic vocals. It’s definitely a winning combination which somehow puts me in the mind of a lighter and chirpy version of Joni Mitchell. You’ll be a fool if you pass up on this six-track EP…go on, take time out and have a listen.

#TheMustListens: Hiding Away, Do You Know, Waiting For Someone.


New Music Video: Colin – Bella Loka

Tea & David Boothby – aka – BELLA LOKA returns with a spanking new visual for their latest single, Colin (from their debut EP Escape.)
The song was originally inspired by a real-life Colin, a pianist friend of the band with musical superpowers, but the video expands the story to an epic tale of two anti-heroes called Colin and the Blue Miner who connect across time and space to fight an epic battle on a higher plane resulting in the exchange of powers and the birth of a star.
The visual came to singer, songwriter and video creator Tea Boothby whilst recording the song at Abbey Road and was realised through the use of her own sketched comic book characters which were then imported to visual effects software in which she created the film.
Based in Camden Town, London, the wife-and-husband indie duo have been back in Abbey Road since the start of the year and will be releasing a brand-new EP later in 2015 following a number of summer festival appearances.