EP Review: Further Away: Melanie Crew


It’s been a little over a year since MELANIE CREW appeared on NEW LEASE MUSIC with her debut EP Until The End, which received airplay on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Kent. Now she’s back with her second EP, Further Away, released beginning of this month.

The London-based singer/songwriter reunites with her old faithful acoustic guitar, creating that rich, folky sensation and adds some soulful and sultry spice to her usual sweet and (respectfully) girl-like vocal range.

With therapeutic and occasionally soft uptempo soundscapes, Further Away EP is the perfect bet to start the week on a soothing note –  after a rowdy weekend.

Must Listens: Ghost, A Hundred Words, All That I Want.

EP Review: Until The End – Melanie Crew

Melanie Crew

London-based singer and musician MELANIE CREW released her first ever EP, Until The End just ten days ago!

The guitarist and clarinet player displays all the qualities of  honing in potential listeners with the soothing presence of the lone acoustic guitar with sugary sweet and angelic vocals. It’s definitely a winning combination which somehow puts me in the mind of a lighter and chirpy version of Joni Mitchell. You’ll be a fool if you pass up on this six-track EP…go on, take time out and have a listen.

#TheMustListens: Hiding Away, Do You Know, Waiting For Someone.