Tik-Tok Sensation Millie B Releases Viral Track ‘M To The B’ Via B1 Recordings/Sony Music

Top 10 Shazam hit and Tik Tok’s latest viral smash, ‘M to the B’ by MILLIE B, is making its official release via B1 Recordings/Sony Music.

With over 5.4 MILLION TikTok creations to its name, including the Bells Porch version becoming the most watched Tik Tok video ever and fast rising up the viral TikTok charts, ‘M to the B’ first came to light as a general user upload on the platform and quickly became one of the most popular vocal takes of Bordum Beats Shazam hit ’Skank’.

The catchy vocal smash has since blown up over recent weeks to become the latest track sensation, and one of the most hyped tracks across the platform, hitting the radars as one of the ‘most added’ tracks for Tik Tok users. Flocking in their millions to the record, rappers and
dancers have been creating their own videos, which has seen exclusive raps, dances and performances videos appear to accompany the stonking Bassline beat.

Millie B’s ‘M to the B’, has now taken on a life of its own, streaming over 4millions times in 10 days, hitting the number #1 spot on the Spotify UK Viral Chart, #5 on the Global Spotify Viral Chart, charting in nearly 30 counties on the Global Shazam chart and hitting the Top 10, the smash record is continuing its evolution in to one of the most talked about releases in modern day music.

Both ‘Skank’ & ‘M to the B’ are released via B1 Recordings/Sony Music with a further remix package also set to touch down imminently. Check out the official video for Millie B’s ‘M to the B’ below…