Mixtape Review: Trapped In The 90s – Redd Tunes Production

The man behind this mammoth mixtape, REDD TUNES goes way back to the 90’s, with a stellar lineup beside him through latest mixtape, ‘Trapped In The 90’s.

The 12-track project  follows the success of his last year’s mixtape ‘Primative Beats And Rhymes’ which also features various artists. The London producer is hoping to carry on the hype with ‘Trapped In The 90’s’ which bears a strong influence of ambient boom bap of the aforementioned era. Each featured artists take their turn to cruise along the laid-back composition with their slick wordsmithery. The man himself also step to the mike on a few occasions, offering up his baritone flow to the constrasing feathery arrangements.

‘Trapped In The 90s’ does exactly what it says on the tin, which is to unapologetically brings back boom bap of the golden era – and to keep it alive. There’s some real bangers in this collection; check it out here.

Must Listens:The Science, Mad World, Living It Up


Star Song: Pioneers – TJ Chill and Redd Emcee

Redd Tunes

Check out the track Pioneers by British rappers TJ CHILL and REDD EMCEE.

These guys are not new to the hip hop game – starting out in the 1980s, they were part of the Britcore era in the early 1990s. With this track, the Londoners show that they are pioneers of UK hip hop as they effortlessly rap over a dope, easy-cruising beats. CHECK-IT-OUT.

TJ CHILL is part of the group, Kaos Krew and REDD EMCEE is from a crew called Centralzone. He also produced some sick tracks, including THE TITUS 1:1-4’s Wonderful.

If you’re feeling Pioneers, you can head over to REDD EMCEE ReverbNation page. Also check out TJ CHILL ‘s  track, C’mon.