Redd Tunes Teams Up With Mars Noel For EP ‘Diplomacy’

London producer REDD TUNE delivers another slick set with Mars Noel coming in the form of ‘Diplomacy’. The three track EP features rappers, Nobi 1 and Dr Mortis, who both take turns to drop unfiltered wordplay against the silky smooth, old school boom bap with occasional melodic chants.

‘Diplomacy’ is a nostalgic collection that will be appreciated by anyone who loves hip-hop/boom bap of the yesteryear…so true hip-hop heads, step forward and check out the EP below…

Must Listen: Cut Like A Guillotine

Producer Redd Tunes Drops EP, ‘Dead Poets Society’.

Championed within the Britcore and hip-hop community, producer REDD TUNES rallies up another slick lineup for his new EP, ‘Dead Poets Society’, out now via Brandcamp.

Verging on the side of the smoothest Britcore with a slight kick of boom bap, the lineup includes hip-hop contenders, Isis Aset and Mars Noel, who give the EP that much-needed fire introduction with track, ‘The Coincidence’. Rapper Fya Da Flame takes over on the second effort, ‘Lets Go’. Fya Da Flame was recently featured on Redd Tunes’ collaborative project with Ads The Barbican titled ‘The Lone Ranger’.

Hip-hop duo, Eric Beardmen finishes up the set nicely with ‘Jazz Cafe Freestyle’, where he tackles the satisfying bluesy joint with his fiery bars. The pair first perform the smooth track at the London’s venue (Jazz Cafe).

‘Dead Poets Society’ EP was released on 14th March via Redd Tunes Productions. have a listen below…

Must Listens: Dope Sick, Jazz Cafe Freestyle

Song of the Day: LETS GO (ReddTune Remix) – Flya Da Fame x DJ Hook Raida

Following the release of collaborative EP, ‘The Lone Ranger’ with Ads The Barbarian, producer REDDTUNE circles back and jumps right into today’s hot spot with his remix of Fya Da Flame’s and DJ Hook Raida’s track, ‘LETS GO.’

The track continues ReddTune ongoing collab with Fya Da Flame and DJ Hook Raida as the two rappers added their magic on ‘The Lone Ranger’ EP, which currently holds the blog’s Album of the Month title. Check out ‘LETS GO’ below…

Ads The Barbarian Drops Brand New EP, ‘The Lone Ranger’, Produced by Redd Tunes Productions.

Manchester’s hip-hop collective ADS THE BARBARIAN have joined forces with London’s veteran producer REDD TUNES for the first EP of the year, ‘The Lone Ranger’.

Featuring members Fya Da Flame, DJ Hook Raida, DJ Cut and Slice, the three-track project features the smooth, retro vibes of hip-hop/boom bap, where the featured spitters take the spotlight to drop some serious bars on current affairs (namely the pandemic) and the hard knocks that life presents.

As well as teaming up with the Northern fierce crew, Redd Tunes have collaborated with various artists across the globe for the past 30 + years as a Britcore producer. If you’re not familiar with his work, here’s your chance to check it out here.

Before you head off to check out his catalogue, have a sample of Redd Tunes’ collab EP with Ads The Barbarian below…

EP Review: The Guild of Artisans – Redd Tunes Productions

Producer Rob “Redd Tunes” Brazao’s second project of the year, ‘The Guild of Artisans’  is the perfect chill out escapism from lockdown.

A melodic haziness of boombap/hip-hop works its way through the set, with guest emcees’ delivery easing through the tranquil bars.

One thing that certainly didn’t go unnoticed is the dopely askew vocals in intro track, ‘Distance’ by MansasWorld.

For all you hip-hop heads out there, it’s to immerse yourself into Redd Tunes’ ‘The Guild of Artisans’. This guy has been in the game for over 30 years, so you’re about to listen to some quality stuff…hit that play button below…

Must Listens: Distance by MansasWorld