EP Review: The Guild of Artisans – Redd Tunes Productions

Producer Rob “Redd Tunes” Brazao’s second project of the year, ‘The Guild of Artisans’  is the perfect chill out escapism from lockdown.

A melodic haziness of boombap/hip-hop works its way through the set, with guest emcees’ delivery easing through the tranquil bars.

One thing that certainly didn’t go unnoticed is the dopely askew vocals in intro track, ‘Distance’ by MansasWorld.

For all you hip-hop heads out there, it’s to immerse yourself into Redd Tunes’ ‘The Guild of Artisans’. This guy has been in the game for over 30 years, so you’re about to listen to some quality stuff…hit that play button below…

Must Listens: Distance by MansasWorld

EP Review: Poets Of The Dark Scrolls – Redd Tunes

After claiming the blog’s Album of the Month title with previous EP, ‘The Sickness’, REDDTUNE bounces right back with his latest set, ‘Poets Of The Dark Scrolls.’

Featuring yet another stellar lineup, ‘Poets Of The Dark Scrolls’ continues to delve into keeping Britcore alive, by bringing on the laid-back boom-bap vibe…and a few extras thrown in, which includes a boisterous, reggae-fused introduction, a guitar-drenched production plus a straight-up urban forceful drive that ends the set on a high.

Although REDDTUNE remains loyal to his beloved subgenre of hip-hop, ‘Poet Of The Dark Scrolls’ sees London producer/rapper and his army of collaborators go at the deep end and really experiment with various genres that could potentially appeal to a wider audience.

Worth taking a peek…sample and download the EP FOR FREE here.

Must Listens: Belly of the Beast, Royal Flush, When Emcees Perform 

Star Song: Pioneers – TJ Chill and Redd Emcee

Redd Tunes

Check out the track Pioneers by British rappers TJ CHILL and REDD EMCEE.

These guys are not new to the hip hop game – starting out in the 1980s, they were part of the Britcore era in the early 1990s. With this track, the Londoners show that they are pioneers of UK hip hop as they effortlessly rap over a dope, easy-cruising beats. CHECK-IT-OUT.

TJ CHILL is part of the group, Kaos Krew and REDD EMCEE is from a crew called Centralzone. He also produced some sick tracks, including THE TITUS 1:1-4’s Wonderful.

If you’re feeling Pioneers, you can head over to REDD EMCEE ReverbNation page. Also check out TJ CHILL ‘s  track, C’mon.