Mixtape review: 15 minutes of Fame – TC UNO

TC UNO 15 mintues of Fame.

1. Intro
2. Made you look
3. Grindn Like No Other ft Reek Havoc (Prod by D Hayes)
4. Fame Goes (Prod by D Hayes)
5. PoundCake Freestyle
6. We Want It All (Prod by D Hayes)
7. Inferno Freestyle
8. Got It ft David Rush (Prod by D Hayes)
9. Trophies ft Reek Havoc
10. 10.Family Affair ft Big K, Reek Havoc,AJ (Prod by Johnny Classics)

Guess what hip hop heads…the best master is back with his latest mixtape, 15 Minutes of Fame. Released last month, the 10-track album is bursting with shoulder swinging, get-off-your-butt-and-move bass line, finish off by the hip-hop artist’s second-to-none freestyling.

15 Minutes of Fame kicks off real good with Make You Look, which features on-the-money samples of NAS’ hit with the same name. And this guy knows how to use hit samples and make it his own…just listen to Trophies. TC UNO gave DRAKE’S hit a new lease of life by adding more bass and drive coupled with faster-than-lighting raps and laugh-out-loud wordplay.

TC UNO is known (by his loyal fans) for his on-the-spot raps…and he didn’t disappoint as he effortlessly spits in easy-cruising  PoundCake (Freestyle) and Inferno (Freestyle).

15 Minutes of Fame doesn’t fizzle out with last track, Family Affair. With summery, throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air beats and soothing raps, this track has all the right ingredients of becoming a summer anthem.

Usually at this point, I offer my conclusion on an album or mixtape…15 Minutes of Fame is TOO good for that. So the next is to head right here and check it out for yourself.

News: TC-UNO releases Official video to track Love on the Corner


There’s no rest for the beat-master TC UNO. Just months after releasing his much-anticipated mixtape The Fly Life Vol. 1 (The Musical Papa), the hip hop upriser  has dropped his first official video to the first release of the mixtape, Love on the Corner – CHECK-IT-OUT! To check out the rest of the mixtape click right here.

Review: TC-UNO – The Musical Papa

The Musical papa

1. FlyLife intro
2. Love on the Corner (prod Allen Steele)
3. Clap (prod. Shaq Beats)
4. Wonderful Freestyle
5. Lit (Prod DHayes)
6. That Work Ft. David Rush (Prod. DHayes)
7. Back That
8. Interlude
9. Amazed Ft Reek Havoc (Prod Shaq Beats)
10. Ligghhh (Prod Johnny Classics)
11. Do You (Prod. DHayes)
12. GIF Ft. Aj
13. Realest S*** Ft. Reek Havoc (Prod Shaq Beats)
14. Outro

If you’re a big fan of THE MUSICAL PAPA, the chances are that you know of his highly-anticipated mixtape TC-UNO. If you don’t know this rapper, expect 14 very different tracks from the mixtape.

TC-UNO starts off real smooth, with the light and angelic Love on the Corner, Clap and Wonderful Freestyle (sampled from JA RULE/R-KELLY/ASHANTI big hit Wonderful) The mixtape switches to a slightly dark tempo with Lit and That Work. MUSICAL PAPA’s ride-to-the-beats freestyling is most appreciated in the seriously head-rolling tracks Amazed, Ligghhh and Do You. The mixtape reaches the ultimate climax with the uber-cool/hour afters GIF.

Overall TC-UNO caters for ALL serious hiphop heads. If you’re not into the dark productions, you’ll sure love his super smooth tracks (just have a listen to GIF – wicked!). Check out TC-UNO right here.