Danny Green KP

Today’s track is Been Missing by Danny Green KP.

Man, this Philly rapper has been busy…besides releasing his mixtapes The Current Times of Danny Green and 4th Quarter Grind earlier this year, he was recently featured on his boy SUGE MASAYA’s remixed version of I’m SO.

Now he produced (and also featured on) the atmospheric, spaced out track with MIZZY CARLO. Don’t leave this post until you have a bash – because these guys’ raps are on the money!

If you’re really feeling it, there plenty more tracks on his SoundCloud page – there’s no time like the present!

News: SugeMasaya releases remix to his track I’m So

SUGEMASAYA was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC some time ago with his track I’m SO. Now the Philly rapper has release the remix of his hot single featuring DANNY GREEN.

DANNY GREEN also had a spot on this blog with his track The Life Of, coming from his mixtape The Current Times Of Danny Green.

Check out their on-point collaboration!

Star Song: Danny Green KP – The Life Of….

Danny Green

Check out today’s star song, The Life Of…by Philly rapper DANNY GREEN KP. The track is coming from his debut mixtape, The Current Times of Danny Green released April this year.

If you haven’t heard of this rapper, then you’re missing out – BIG TIME! The Life Of… is a seriously dope, bass-thumping track where you get to hear this talented artist’s smooth and laid-back raps. Go on, have a listen!

If you’re really feeling this track, this guy released another hot mixtape – called 4th Quarter Grind- in July. Check it out here.