New Video: Drifting Tide – CIRQUS


It’s been some time since Danielle Addy and Cameron Stewart-Mathews, appeared on NEW LEASE MUSIC as CIRQUE DU SOUND with their debut EP Drifting Tide. 

These guys haven’t been sitting idle: they now rebranded themselves as CIRQUS and recently released their debut music video for track Drifting Tides. Go ahead, take a peek here.

To check out their EP, head right here…and say hi the guys at  @CIRQUS_UK

Star Song: Smiley Face – Aimi D

Aimi D

Now here’s something that will keep you going for the weekend! Open your ears to this bad-boy of a tune – Smiley Face – by AIMI D

After studying musical theatre, training with jazz vocalists and singing for rock bands, this British-born pop-princess – whose real name is Catharine Dinsdale – was more than ready to break out as a solo artist. She started penning songs which formed her debut EP Who Is She? Released in June 2012.

Her style of music is best described as simply playful, feel good pop infused with electro-dance that will put a spring in your step and put a huge smile on your face- well just listen to the first single of the EP, Smiley Face. Released in July – perfect timing I must say)– this fun, bubblegum pop/dance production is well suited to bars and clubs in the party land of Ibiza.

Has Smiley Face put you in the party mood? Well head over to ITunes and check out her other fun-packed tracks. Enjoy – I sure you will!