New Track: Skin (Talking Body Remix) – Sir Basstoven

Sir Basstoven Body

Dubstep producer SIR BASSTOVEN rolls out his first release of the year entitled Skin, a seamless fusion of toe-tingling atmospheric overtones and his infamous heavy bass drive – check it out!



Song of the Day: Gravity – SKNE


Today’s song is Vindication by American/French indie electronic duo, SKNE. The single is coming from their EP, Fill The Void.

I was really getting into this track but when I heard the vocals,  it was game over!  I’m always a great supporter of musicians who bring something fresh to the table, but this is beyond the joke! If you don’t believe me, have a listen.

If you happen to like this unsettling concoction, you can check out their EP on Soundcloud




Star Song: Smiley Face – Aimi D

Aimi D

Now here’s something that will keep you going for the weekend! Open your ears to this bad-boy of a tune – Smiley Face – by AIMI D

After studying musical theatre, training with jazz vocalists and singing for rock bands, this British-born pop-princess – whose real name is Catharine Dinsdale – was more than ready to break out as a solo artist. She started penning songs which formed her debut EP Who Is She? Released in June 2012.

Her style of music is best described as simply playful, feel good pop infused with electro-dance that will put a spring in your step and put a huge smile on your face- well just listen to the first single of the EP, Smiley Face. Released in July – perfect timing I must say)– this fun, bubblegum pop/dance production is well suited to bars and clubs in the party land of Ibiza.

Has Smiley Face put you in the party mood? Well head over to ITunes and check out her other fun-packed tracks. Enjoy – I sure you will!

Cirque du Sound -Drifting Tide

1. Drifting Tide
2. Under My Skin
3. Secrets

Danielle Addy (vocals) and Cameron Stewart-Mathews (Drums/production) –aka CIRQUE DU SOUND – was featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC last month with their track Reason …now they’re back, armed with their debut EP Drifting Tide, released 12 September.

Drifting Tide offers pure enigmatic style of electronic dance tracks that can EASILY become  favourites. The EP kicks off with the fun, pop-infused Drifting Tide, where Addy’s dreamy vocal just melts perfectly into the production. It gets better as Addy’s vocals turn all daunting in the mysteriously dark Under My Skin. The Three-track production ends on a high with the infectiously funky Secrets, which has the serious potential of becoming a club filler.

In just three tracks, there’s no mistaking that CIRQUE DU SOUND have well and truly found their niche in electronic music.  So if you’re a great lover of electronic music, it’s well worth downloading the EP…for FREE!

Star Song: Reason – Cirque Du Sound

cirque du sound

Today’s song is called Reason, the first ever track from CIRQUE DU SOUND released last month.

Originally from Northampton, the electronic duo moved to Brighton to unleash their enigmatic/electro dance sound with broken beats coupled with ambient and pleasantly haunting vocals to the music scene.

Have a listen to Reason – because this track does not deserve to be ignored. If you like the sound of Reason, it will be worth making regular visits to this awesome duo’s SoundCloud page, as there are more on-point tracks to come. I have a feeling that this time next year, you will know more of CIRQUE DU SOUND.