EP Review: Chirality – XamVolo


If you heard of XAMVOLO then you’ll certainly heard his leading soulful/jazz number, Down…and if you dig the single, well you’ll be in for a treat with his four-track EP, Chirality.

The laid-lack set is, by large, a continuation of Down – a hazy juxtaposition of the aforementioned genres, which showcase a Sade-level of class – and that’s REALLY hard to top.

With irresistibly hypnotic pieces that can be hailed as modern classics, this (clever) cool cat has positioned himself as a promising and timeless artist who will have music fanatics, all from generations, buying his future projects blind. If you’re not convinced, hit that play button.

Must Listens: Down, Gold Leaf

New Music Video: Down – XamVolo

Down XamVolo

XAMVOLO makes a return on NEW LEASE MUSIC with a too-cool-for-school visual to his latest single, Down, coming from his forthcoming EP, Chirality, out this Friday.

The 22-year-old has written, produced and arranged his project, which will feature brooding, eclectic mixture of jazz and soul over hypnotic beats in which he describes as resembling “a messy mind over raw, dark jazz grooves”.

If you like this single, well the EP will be a real treat! Check out the video.



Song of the Day: Why? – Adrien Bass

Adrien bass why

Today’s song is Why? by British/Senegal reggae artist ADRIEN BASS. The single is coming from his album, Assaults.

Whilst growing up in the Caribbean, this music enthusiast learned to play the banjo, but did not fully exploit his musical talents until he moved to England. He started off as a DJ in Yorkshire and went on to play in a reggae band in London and developed a taste for jazz. To expand his desire for the genre, the true rastaman  studied jazz music at college, where he rustled up some talented musician…and the band ABASS was born. Having back-to-back gigs across London, the band quickly gained respect from the underground Jazz scene.

Now armed with his unique infusion of reggae and jazz, ADRIEN BASS took his music career to the next level and started a record label called Organic Jazz Records, based in Senegal and is now working with some of the biggest producers and upcoming musicians in the country and London.

So there you have it! Take time out and listen to Why? This song features that typical classic reggae/lovers rock chill out groove coupled with though provoking and truth-be-told lyrics.

If you’re digging this track, play a visit to his Soundcloud page where there’s a catalogue of his mind-blowing tracks. Once you get there, listen to The Eyes Never Tell a Lie and Dub of Visions for the full reggae/jazz experience. Heart-meltingly beautiful!

Also connect with him @adrienbass and say hi!