News: Malynda Hale releases video to single Flashback

Malynda Hale

R&B balladeer MALYNDA HALE has officially released the video to her single Flashback. The single was recorded for the independent film, Oranges (by CradeMade Entertainment).

To find out more about MALYNDA HALE, click right here

Review: L.O.V.E – D Scales

D scales LOVE

1. Beautiful
2. Fallin’ in Love
3. Let Me Love You
4. So Far Gone
5. Vain
6. Perfect Lady (Feat. J5)
7. Real Love

Hands up if you really miss that real old school R&B? Come on, raise does hands right now – I know there are thousands of you out there (me Included!). Well I have a real treat for you: let me introduce to you D.SCALES and his latest EP L.O.V.E (short for Language Of Various Emotions).

Released last month, this seven-track album featured some seriously slick after hours productions in which the multi-talented artist from Alabama perfectly delivers heart-melting lyrics in that coca-rich classic soulful vocals. BeautifulFallin’ In Love and Vain are an absolute must listen for all you R&B heads, as they are strictly for the bedroom department (if you know what I mean!?!). After listening to L.O.V.ED.SCALES puts me in the mind of a young BRIAN MCKNIGHT.

This is a little short for a review on NEW LEASE MUSIC, but with some EPs, the music speaks for itself – and this is one of them. So before you log off, listen to one of the tracks from the album, Vain. #Stunning!

L.O.V.E is available for purchase on iTunes.

Star Song: U and Only U – NinoWes


Today’s song is U and Only U by Californian raised singer/songwriter NINOWES. The track was released in May.

After using the famous Jerk Movement as a platform, the Ohio born upcomer was more than ready to emerge as R&B solo artist. He had his first taste of success with his track, Bite Me (Bitch I Am A Mac Apple Bite Me) which has over 3 million plays virally by the group which he co founded called Breakfast Club. More recently he won an award for best Male R&B at the first 818 awards in September.

This guy is no one trick pony: he also produced hip hop songs for acts including MANN, KIDS IN THE HALL and KHLEO THOMAS – but R&B remains his first love. Well just have a listen to U and Only U. This track oozes pure class and it certainly justifies his award for Best Male R&B.

NINOWES has more music in the pipeline, so keep it locked on NEW LEASE MUSIC

Star song: The Eagle in the Wind – Aerick Baker

NEW LEASE MUSIC regular AERICK BAKER is back with another out-of-sight track The Eagle in the Wind.

AERICK BAKER is known for his unique R&B atmospheric steamy love songs (check out Lordship) . Like his previous tracks, The Eagle in the Wind features his spin on the genre – but this time he’s showing love for this country . The super smooth singer is currently in the Air Force in the Middle East . So before you leave this post, I urge you to listen to this super patriotic, uber cool track, which is topped off by Aerick’s signature melodic vocals – a must listen.

Star Song: Blow Your Brains Out – Aerick Baker with Kanye West

AERICK BAKER is back…this time he brought along KANYE WEST for his latest single, Blow Your Brains Out.

Last month, I featured the talented singer on this blog with his super bad track Y.C.T.M (You Can Try Me). This time it’ll be nice to get to know the man behind that sweet music.

When he was a child AERICK BAKER wanted to be a dinosaur (a brachiosaurus to be exact) – hmmm…Ok, I guess that was an innocent childhood dream! As he got older, he wanted to be a scientist and build a time machine to fix world’s problems – very admirable. THANK GOD he never became a scientist as I’ll never come to know of his truly unique atmospheric R&B signature sound.

In his bio, Aerick mentioned that he felt ostracized as a kid and always wanted to fit in -well, most of us can relate to that. With an out-of-sight discography under his belt, this Los Angeles artist is more than welcome on NEW LEASE MUSIC.

So guys, here’s your treat for today – have a listen to Blow Your Brains Out. Check out his other tracks on You Tube (highly recommended!)