New Track: Betrayed – ZT

For those who are not familiar with ZT – aka the Kale Gawd – or his Spin the Record series on SoundCloud, well allow me to explain –  basically he takes on some of the most iconic hip-hop tracks and raps about the complete opposite meaning of the original song.

For example, the second song from the series, he took on Big L’s (RIP) classic ‘Street Struck’, a song about the hardships of growing up in the ghettos of New York, and the unfortunate outcomes for many of his companions. He decided to write about something different, and something he could relate to a bit more, check it out below:

This time, he turns his attention to Lil Xan’s hit ‘Betrayed’. With this track, he hopes to convey  that the mundane things in life can be stunningly beautiful – it’s just a matter of perception…check it out!

If you have time, check out the entire series on Soundcloud – trust me, it’s well worth the trip.

New Track: Bioluminescence – ZT

Zachary Taylor – or ZT– always had a fascination with underground hip-hop – but it was J. Cole’s’ mixtape, ‘Friday Night Lights’ that ignited this upriser from Fairfax (Virginia) to start rapping and penning lyrics on school notebooks.

Now he’s making himself known and drops his brand new conscious track entitled ‘Bioluminescence’. Oozing the smoothest soundscapes you’ll probably ever heard, the latest offering act as a wake call to those who are completely blinded to what’s going on around them.

Also know as the Kale Gawd – because of his love for vegetables – ZT went on to become a frontman/lyricist for a rap-rock band called Where’s Zach? before going solo. Taking his rap journey to a new chapter, ZT is working on his EP called ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sinks’.

If you don’t know this guy, get to know him…check out ‘Bioluminescence.’