Review: Dayseam –Winds of Change

Dayseam logo

1. Borderline
2. Capture and Release
3. Disguise
4. Interstate
5. Projection
6. Razor Thin
7. Starts Again
8. The Minute
9. Two Flights
10. Winds of Change

In early 2008, Steve Mroozian (vocals and guitar), Ehsan Ahmad (lead guitar) and Sebastian Weiss (drums) came together, forming the alternative rock band DAYSEAM. Bringing their trademark sound of melodic rock to the table, the Philadelphia-based act made quite an impression – not just with true lovers of indie rock but also with music critics. Since they came into existence, it’s been full speed for the indie rockers: they’ve been booked up for live shows at well-known venues in Philadelphia, including The Hard Rock Café and The Northstar Bar. They even manage to find the time to make their Nature Sessions videos – this is where they put their own spin on chart-topping songs. The trio covered Rihanna’s Stay and more recently Justin Timberlake’s Mirrorscheck it out!

Now they are on the verge of releasing their studio album, Winds of Change. The ten track album features some full on, high energy rock demonstrated in Borderline, Capture and Release and Interstate. These tracks didn’t leave a lasting impression and left me wondering whether this band has got what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Then there’s a softer and more mellow side to Winds Of Change,  featured in Disguise, Projection, Starts Again and Two Flights. In these tracks, the raging guitars meet that sweet and dreamy undertone, topped off by Mroozian’s pleasantly soothing vocals – simply stunning. In Projection and Two Flights, there are some amazing guitar fiddling well executed by Ahmad and Mroozian.  Listening to the soothing side of the album has firmly pushed away the thought that the trio are not some run-of-the-mill rock  band.

Overall Winds of Change is definitely an album to look out for as their signature sound makes interesting listening (imagine a softer PEARL JAM and maybe chuck in a little bit of KINGS OF LEON). These guys are widely regarded as a ‘hugely underrated band’ but with tracks like Disguise, Projection and Starts Again, this might be a breakthrough year for DAYSEAM.

Winds of Change is out in August.

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