Video Preview: Hip-Hop and Cartoons – Gena Perala


After scooping the song of the month title with singles, ‘Superstar Supernova’ and ‘Hoopla’ back in 2015,  one of NEW LEASE MUSIC old favourites GENA PERALA comes back bolder than ever with a preview of her latest colourful visual to her single, ‘Hip-Hop and Cartoons’.

The song pays homage to the power and brilliance of hip-hop music and to cartoons such as The Simpsons. She refers to it as her Church song because she says: “We can learn more from hip-hop and cartoons if we understand and believe in them, than we can from religion”.

GENA PERALA is launching this video in conjunction with a Crowdfunding campaign to support the recording of her new album, which will possess a down tempo electronic pop synth sound. The Vancouver-based singer/songwriter has previously released two solo albums ‘This Ain’t Pretty’ (2008) and ‘Exactly Nowhere’ (2014).

She has also performed for the United Nations, on the PNE Main Stage, at the Stanley Theater, up the East Coast, down the West Coast and all over Vancouver. In addition to her musical credentials, Gena has published three books of poetry, “I’m a Worst Case Scenario Type of Girl” (2003), “Clean Getaway” (2005) and “Better Sorry than Safe” (2011).

The full-version of ‘Hip-Hop and Cartoons’ video will be released on 14th February…so in the meantime, check out the teaser.



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