Song of the Day: Sosa – Dubz (ft. Oliver King)

DUBZ has a significant legacy within the UK Rap scene and whilst he may not be the obvious choice when drawing for Rap names, he certainly holds an indisputable position in the game.

With a slick feature from upcoming R&B singer Oliver King, ‘Sosa’ bears all the hallmarks of the genuine lyricism and unique tone that has always made DUBZ stand out. The video, released via GRM Daily, is garnering a wave of excitement from fans. Having recently collaborated with Ghetts, Rico Squeeze and Tiggs Da Author, as well as working towards his album, which is set to release in the first quarter of 2018, it looks like DUBZ is going to be a more prominent fixture in the Rap scene than ever before.

Native to South West London, DUBZ made his debut almost 10 years ago with his ‘Ard Doe’ mixtape release. The tape picked up significant support from the then bubbling scene, catching the attention of artists such as Giggs and Skepta, resulting in DUBZ and Giggs collaborating the following year on the infamous 2007 record ‘Pain is of the Essence’. DUBZ has since appeared on Giggs’ number 2, 2016 album release ‘Landlord’ and both Giggs and Skepta have publicly tipped him as their favourite UK Rapper via their social media accounts, helping to reignite the necessity for him to return to the game.

Having to face the realities and adversity of road life and family ties during a period when being a rapper was not providing an income, like many of the greats, DUBZ had to make a decision on where to focus his time and energy and unfortunately for the music, it took second place.

However, in a new era and with his peers calling for his comeback, DUBZ has started to release his arsenal to rapturous effect. In a succession of quick-fire, DUBZ has dropped 3 videos across GRM Daily and Link Up TV, gaining plaudits from fans new and old, but it is ‘SOSA’ that is the real wake up call that DUBZ is still fully certified when it comes to rapping.

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