New Music Video: Groove – Shaka Shams (ft. Olivier William)

Currently residing  Belgium, 18-year old rapper and poet SHAKA SHAMS drops the video to his hip-hop/funk number, suitably entitled ‘Groove.’

The latest release comes from his new EP, Elements: Crystal Clear, which sees SHAKA SHAMS – who took the name from his South African/Zulu roots – demonstrating his versatility as a performer, marrying his naturalistic rhymes with lyrics inspired by everything from street scenes to films to anime. It is these borderless sonic journeys that drag you into this teenager’s world, a place with no boundaries. Crystal Clear is the first in a series of releases under the Elements banner which will see Shaka exploring different themes – with this EP it’s the sometimes murky world of late night club life.

Having picked up the hip-hop bug from his cousin at the age of 11, he started recording his own track at their house. Though it would have been easy to keep music as just a hobby, Shaka was determined to get to the next level and to get his music heard by as many people as possible. Taking influence from hip-hop both old and new, as well as keeping a close eye/ear on subgenres such as hip house, trap and boom-bap.

So it’s time to get a little taste of Shaka’s work; check out ‘Groove’…

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