New Track: Do You Wanna – SIF x SKAE

SIF (Daniel Kelly) and SKAE (Lane Dorsey) delivers a funky dose of 70-esque funk, fused with a salacious lick of laid-back R&B through a brand new collaborative track, ‘Do You Wanna’.

Their latest effort reflects those unsettling moments when you have a crush on someone, wondering if those feelings will be reciprocated.

The pair’s close-knit relationship goes way back to their early childhood. Growing up only one street apart, they quickly became friends and each went on to make their name in the world of arts – SIF starred on Degrassi: The Next Generation, while SKAE became a sought-after portrait photographer, capturing the likes of Johnny Reid and Ria Mae.

After reconnecting in the summer of 2016, the guys realised they had an intense passion for music and wasted no time in collaborating on a few tracks, blending SIF’s sharp hip-hop lyrics with SKAE’s genre-bending production.

The result is a series of songs full of movement and energy, with memorable hooks that would easily dominate the airwaves with slick lyrics as featured in their latest banger….check it out below…

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