Song of the Day: Tim Burt – Keynes Woods

KEYNES WOODS returns with single ‘Tim Burt’, the second drop from his long-awaited EP ‘Kongo Kane’, out now.

‘Tim Burt’, the signature single from the project, gives credit where credits due – Keynes shouts out to all the people it takes to put music out.

He states: “A lot of artists get props for the numbers on the board, but other areas of their game are ignored”. He uses this clever metaphor to reflect on his background as an athlete and ball-player and transfer it to music. He wants to celebrate the well-rounded trench workers that may not get as much love as the flashy one-note players.

The Toronto-based rapper has been celebrated for his experimental voice and playful aesthetics since the start of his musical career but it wasn’t until his epic performance in the COLORS box early last year where he was launched into the spotlight. Since then he has gained support from the likes of Highsnobiety, Redbull, Complex, Hypebeast and TMRW  and is fast becoming one of Toronto’s sizeable up and-comers.

Check out ‘Tim Burt’ below…

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