Jatzdakid Delivers Psychedelic Track ‘This Is The Place’ + Video

JATZDAKID slams down his first release of the year, ‘This Is The Place’, which sees the emerging rapper in his element, freestyling and singing over a trippy and atmospheric trap beat, delivering his trademark trip hop style that earned him a devout cult fan base.

The track is accompanied by a The Doors-esque video which shows Jatz fly out to LA, followed by videographer Casper Masi, as he stumbles through Hollywood Boulevard and finds himself trekking through the desert with classic Jatzdakid style.

Taking music seriously two years ago, after being kicked out on the streets, 2018 was a huge stepping stone for Jatz; dropping project ‘Just Another Kid’ featuring Octavian, TysxnRxmain and more, with his lead single ‘4’ racking up 50k streams on Soundcloud alone. He’s also gone on to collaborate with some of the UK’s more hyped artists such as Capo Lee, Kadiata, Vinch and House of Pharaohs members Sam Wise, Blaze YL and Bandanna

Check out the trippy video for ‘This Is The Place’ below…

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