South African Rapper A-Reece Drops Track, ‘Morning Peace’

After kicking off 2021 with a SoundCloud loosie ‘Strictly For My B’ and the hard hitting rap track ‘The 5 Year Plan’ featuring fellow 1000 Degreez member Wordz, both of which have quickly combined for nearly a million plays in two weeks, award-winning South African rap artist and producer A-REECE is going three-for-three with his infectious new hip-hop single titled ‘Morning Peace’. Along with dropping off his new soulful sing-along bop, the Mzansi rap star is also dropping his upcoming release of his long-awaited mixtape, ‘Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory,’ slated for release on March 26 in partnership with Platoon.

The latest track sees A-Reece taking off that braggadocios exterior that most rap music hide behind, as he offers listeners a refreshingly honest and open perspective on how he approaches conflict in relationships.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Morning Peace’, A-Reece says, “‘Morning Peace’ is about how you have your ups and downs in a relationship, and how you can get into a heated argument with your partner at any random time of the day, and it could be in the morning, when you both just woke up, so I speak on how I would rather wake up to making love to my partner, than arguing about something irrelevant. I would rather wake up feeling blessed than depressed – that was basically the whole concept behind ‘Morning Peace’, and as soon as I conceptualised that, I knew that Jay Jody was the perfect person to put on this, because him and I always have conversations about this type of stuff”.

Check out ‘Morning Peace’ below…


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