Song of the Day: Taken – Puppy Pound (ft. Kenah)

Dynamic duo Bichon and Shepherd who make up PUPPY POUND are continuing to make waves with single ‘Taken’, a mid-tempo love number which features budding singer, Kenah.

The teenage duo originally started as a trio emerging from a talent hunt and made their debut in 2017. The group has since rolled out numerous singles, an EP and music videos, earning them decent recognition. The versatility of their sound makes them appealing to a wide range of listeners. Fusing elements of Afro-pop, Afrobeat, Hip Hop and R&B, Puppy Pound’s distinctive sound is instantly recognisable.

‘Taken’, is their first single of the year, and is yet another step towards the release of the duo’s new project which they have revealed in their interviews will be dropped later this year. Produced by Hulla and mixed and mastered by Milla Mix, Puppy Pound should be added to your ones to watch playlist for 2022. check out the video below

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