Mak Ultra Drops Track, ‘Money Tree.’

After a short hiatus, MAK ULTRA is ready to take things to the next level with his new single ‘Money Tree’s’. This bop heavy lo fi banger is laced with Mak’a signature nonchalant cadence and charisma. Playful production comes from Troyce Pitones who compliments Mak’s Rags to riches lyrics.

Mak spent a lot of his youth skateboarding which allowed him to see things outside of his usual environment. When Mak was introduced to SOA, he began a whole new chapter in his life, eventually allowing him to focus on music in a whole new way, as he developed his artistry.

He claims: “The music I create is an escape, a trip through my lens. That trips designed to evoke a series of emotion, from the fly, fast life of the city right down to your most vulnerable moment alone.”

Check out the video for ‘Money Tree’ below..

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