Song of the Day: Friendly Song – Love, Ulysses

Following single ‘Sheesh,’ newest member of Insubordinate Records LOVE, ULYSSES is back again- this time with friends. On the ironically-titled ‘Friendly Song,’ LU enlists underground hip-hop stalwarts Alaska (Hangar 18, Def Jux) and Zilla Rocca (Wrecking Crew, Career Crooks) on another Jason Griff-produced heat-seeking missile. ‘Friendly Song’ is a high-octane fist to the face of your enemies and a few hundred extra shots of espresso in your morning coffee all rolled into one. Hard-hitting 808 drums set the tone for LU, Alaska and Zilla to attack anyone from Fred Durst stans to Twitter warriors.

Prior to joining the team at Insubordinate, LU has released a significant amount of music in his own right. He released 10 separate 2-pack EPs and has been featured on songs with OK Nice, Alaska (of Atoms Fam) and more.

‘Friendly Song’ is the second of four Jason Griff-produced singles that will be released over the next month from LU while building towards his debut LP Son this fall.

‘Friendly Song’ is available at now and also available on various streaming platforms. Check it out below…



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