Raymond West Rocks By With Mixtape, ‘Jerseys & Convertibles’

With the hot summer days getting shorter by the week, fast approaching the winter season, RAYMOND WEST gives fans and new listeners a mixtape to help turn that page and close out the summer months. ‘Jerseys & Convertibles’ cruises into the function being backed by three previous singles in ‘Smoke out the Roof’, ‘4 You’ and ‘Carphones & Beepers’, bringing along four new songs for our listening pleasure.

Raymond West speaks highly on his current lifestyle throughout the tape, from his views of life to what he eats and what he maneuvers around the city in. He also aims to keep the ladies appleased with afterhours-inspired cuts such as ‘4 You’ & ‘Overheated’.

Raymond West goes out on a high with outro ‘Sweat$’, where he doesn’t pay too much attention to any worries or negativity of today and just rocks his sweats and keeps to himself. “I wanted to do a song about my everyday simple life, highlight the regular shit instead of all the flashy shit, I can wear sweats with every outfit” says West when speaking about the track.

Time to check out the mixtape below…

Must Listens: 4 You & Overheated


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