Tommy B Shares Visuals For Introspective Track, ‘I Don’t Mind.’

Tommy B is the charismatic emcee from Essex that holds the title as one of Complex’s coveted ‘Ones To Watch’ and is one of the most exciting prospects to come out of the UK right now. Having appeared on line-ups that include ‘Radio 1’s Big Weekend’ and collaborated with a string of famed artists, a new wave of music makes its debut with the contemplative single ‘I Don’t Mind’.

Produced by Mr Garrett, a melancholy hue plays out with string led loop and stripped back bass that is accentuated with a dusting of slow tempo keys that tinker into the mix. The production creates the perfect foundation for Tommy B to lay down some vulnerable thoughts as his introspective lyricism picks apart the demise of a relationship. The emcee lyrically unravels the feelings of loss, frustration, regret and acceptance in a spectacular display of lyricism and skill as his wordplay takes charge alongside his use of perfectly painted metaphors and rhymes.

Collaborating with Nathan Smoker, who delivers an outstanding, soulful hook, ‘I Don’t Mind’ builds into a collection of emotionally fuelled moments that make this record a standout track for Tommy B. Having made a huge impact on the thundering grime scene as a teen, his growth in to a skilled and experienced emcee has never been as evident as it is on this latest offering. Whilst a departure from the faster paced beats and scattergun delivery that we’ve seen him play out over his blossoming career, he sits equally at ease offering the vulnerability and emotional connection, which he conveys so eloquently on ‘I Don’t Mind’. In his own words, he goes on to explain, “‘I Don’t Mind’ is a track I wrote when I was going through a break-up, it’s totally raw and vulnerable. Nathan Smoker’s vocals on the hook & Joe Garrett’s production brought the song to life & I believe this is probably the best song I have written”

With a highly anticipated debut album, entitled ‘Spiritual Hooligan’ set for release in 2023, the evolution of Tommy B as an artist is one that is happening before our eyes and ears! Having worked with some of his idols on his come-up, including the likes of Devlin and JME, the forthcoming album is set to be an exploration of styles, sounds and skill from a host of exciting musical contributors. Opening the door on a new moment in time for Tommy B, ‘I Don’t Mind’ certainly paves the way for a continuation of his successes so far.


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