Song of the Day: Decide – D.V Major

Coming from New York City, D.V. MAJOR (D V stands for Die-Verse), demonstrates his ability to delve into different aesthetics of music to stand apart from the others with track, ‘Decide’, an instantly addictive fusion of underground hip-hop and boom bap.

At the age of 17, D.V Major co-created Die-Verse Records, a label where artists are able to tap into different pockets and elements of music without the need to box themselves in. The key to D.V Majors appeal is his exquisite lyricism, wittiness and rapid fire flows where he takes inspiration from freestyle rap, boom bap, and underground hip-hop.

He prides himself on being able to make any type of sub-genre in hip-hop, approaching it in new and innovative ways…so it time to check him out…tap on that play button on ‘Decide’ below…


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