Liquid Slams Down A Brand New Banger, ‘Hard Labor’

Stephen James Hawley – aka LIQUID – is a co-founder and member of the Internationally acclaimed and Juno award winning Montreal collective Bran Van 3000. Best known for their smash hit, ‘Drinking In LA’, LIQUID is back and smashing through the walls and barricades with his new track, ‘Hard Labor’, released last Friday (8th November)

On a cold fall day, LIQUID sat on top a local terrace, having just demolished it in entirety. He sat amidst the brick and demolition on his lunch break and said aloud: “That’s Labor!” “Hard Labor!” His recently released from custody boss hollered back at him: “It’s Hard Labor!” He repeated with a toothless grin welcoming LIQUID to the rubble.

“That’s what I’m gonna call my next album!” Liquid proclaimed! “Hard Labor!”

Birthed amidst the brick and mortar, ‘Hard Labor’ was born. Swinging a sledgehammer, with pick at foot, the foundation was created.

LIQUID call upon Rench, the Brooklyn based producer and frontman of the Billboard charting band Gangstagrass. The Emmy Nominated producer of the theme song for the hit TV show ‘Justified’, created an alternative fusion of  bluegrass, country, blues, rock and rap, reflecting the blood, sweat and tears of a working man’s journey.

‘Hard Labor’, the title track of his upcoming EP,  sets the pace for an engaging, prolific journey through the eyes of a man; a dreamer, working hard for job creation, to better his future.

Check it out below…