Song of the Day: Heard About Me – Ron Beatty

Emerging from New Bern, a small city nestled in Eastern North Carolina, is a rapper by the name of RON BEATTY who’s ready to make a big impact. Formerly known as Chedda Chapp, this southern upriser shares the same mentors as Roc Nation’s Grammy Award Nominated Artist J. Cole and is co-founder and flagship artist of lifestyle brand Life’s Grand.

In the summer, the video to single Heard About Me was released and received over 19,000 views through Grassroots marketing campaign. In the four-minute production, he reflects on difficult family issues and his come up in the game.

Heard About Me will be featured on his forthcoming project, Manifest Destiny.

Interview with: Jai Love

jai love 2

She poured all of her emotions through her debut offerings, L.O.V.E – and it paid off !!! The five track production is one of the most popular albums here on NEW LEASE MUSIC, earning this R&B/hip-hop songstress a place in the interview seat. I think it’s high time we get to know her…

NLM: You released your debut EP L.O.V.E (Letters Of Various Emotions) earlier this year. Describe the story behind the project?

Jai Love: My story behind my EP L.O.V.E is everything I have experience in life. From being hurt in a relationship to grinding for my family. It’s just the story of my life.

NLM: What’s the reception on the mixtape since its release?

Jai Love: Oh my gosh! Everyone loves it. I honestly did not think I would receive so much love from it but I did.

NLM: What’s your favorite track on the EP and why?

Jai Love: My favorite track would have to be Love because it’s something I am actively dealing with. For many years I have been hurt, lied to, cheated on, mislead, and used, so for those reasons I almost gave up on relationships. Holding in too many emotions really just keeps you down. I am a very private person, therefore, only speaking with close friends and family about my struggles with love but when I finally wrote that song I absolutely felt a sense of release. I understand now that it takes a lot of patience to love and because of that I’m at a peaceful place in my life, I realize that it will eventually come.


NLM: Let’s take a look into your early life…what did you do before getting involved in the music industry?

Jai Love: My early life was normal, I attended school while working a 40hr 9 to 5 job but I can never say I wasn’t doing music. Because even with everything I had going, I was still writing and recording it just took years for someone to recognize my talent and start acknowledging me as an artist.

NLM: At what point did you want to become a hip-hop/RnB artist?

Jai Love: The first time I stepped into a booth, which was in the early 2000s. I was always singing though, my parents were gospel singers and growing up I use to attend their programs and rehearsals. So singing was always a part of me, I just didn’t take it serious until my first studio experience. Shout out to my brother Lil Ced who also produced my song Love.

NLM: Who are your musical or non-musical influences?

Jai Love: I am blessed to have been born into a musically inclined family. My family was my first influence but as I got older I started meeting people such as DJs, producers, and other artists who all gave me advice about the industry. I mean, of course, I grew up listening to Mary J., Brandy, Monica, and Whitney Houston who motivated me as an artist but as for credit, it goes to those I actually sat down with, people who took the time to inform me on my dos and don’ts in the industry, and my number one influence, my beautiful mother.

NLM: Would you compare your sound to these musical influences?
Jai Love: Honestly, yeah to a certain degree I would and I love their music but I am my own individual so I like to be as original as I possibly can. I enjoy stepping out the box to be different.

NLM:  How would you describe your music to potential fans?

Jai Love: My music is me and life situations I have experienced. I try so hard to send positive messages while sharing my life story. I write my own music for a reason and in doing so I gain the respect from others who have been through that exact situation.

NLM: If you were to collaborate with a chart-topping artist of today, who would it be?

Jai Love: If I had the opportunity to collaborate with anyone, it would be Nicki Minaj and J Cole. Someone I have been listening to lately who isn’t chart-topping just yet would Tink. I have actually been listening to her music for years and I salute her for not giving up. Now that’s someone I would love to work with because our mind frame is very similar. We both think positive and try to give positive messages.


NLM: What are your plans for 2015 and beyond? Do you have any upcoming gigs? When can we expect another project (s) from you?

Jai Love: As for the remainder of 2015 I’m just finishing up projects such  as the movie “The Last Disciple0″s directed by Jurian Isabelle, Promoting my EP L.O.V.E (Letters of Various Emotions) and working on visuals. As for any gigs I don’t have any lined up right now and im working on my album but I set the release date back due to the shooting of the movie. Keep an eye on my social medias to keep up with Jai and my next moves lol!

NLM: How can potential fans reach you?
Jai Love: I can be reached on Instagram and Twitter @love_always_jai. Facebook .com/jailove0818. My EP can be downloaded at For booking contact my manager Chenequa Farrar at or


Rob Forte

If you’re a regular NEW LEASE MUSIC visitor, you may have checked out ROB FORTE’s music, including his debut mixtape, S.O.UL. Now it’s time to find out a little more about The Academy emcee and his reason behind his latest project. Remember, you heard it first on NEW LEASE MUSIC!

NLM: You recently release your debut mixtape, S.O.UL. Describe the story behind the project?

RF: When I first came up with the project idea, I was originally going to create another EP. But I had so much going on in my life that I decided to release a full project. Funny thing is I wasn’t going to name it S.O.U.L., I was going to name it “Forte Thoughts” because it was going to be a project of straight venting (which it kinda still is), but I really just wanted to be honest. Everything in the project that I said is honesty, whether it’s my thoughts or current situations. I started listening to different types of artists like Kevin Gates and I started to relate to the honesty. So that’s why I called it S.O.U.L. Simply Outta Utter Love. The love for the art as well as soul music in general.

NLM: What has the reception been like towards your new mixtape?

RF: I’ve been getting all types of texts and phone calls and whatnot from people pouring out their love for it. Before I released it, I told the rest of the members of The Academy that this project was going to be one of those projects that people will gravitate towards. And I was right.

NLM: What’s your favourite track on the mixtape and why?

RF: Honestly I have several. But if I had to pick one then it would probably beeeeeee……..SOLO. Reason why is because it literally illustrates a session with me and the homies. The conversation at the end of the song was me and homie Rod Markie. Funny thing about it is we’ve had that conversation SO MANY TIMES. So when he came through to record the skit, it was organic because it’s literally real life conversations that we have.

NLM: Let’s take a look into your early life…what did you do before getting involved with the music industry?

RF: I did a lot of things. Some negative and some positive. But I try to keep straight positivity in my life. But if you mean totally getting involved with music, I was in school. I started taking rap music seriously in high school when I met my homie and The Academy emcee Bonz. He invited me to his crib where he had a studio and from then it was just progression. I made music before, here and there, but that was when we were lil jits running up and down the streets doing what we were doing.

 NLM: At what point did you want to become a hip-hop artist?

RF: I would say probably in my senior year of high school when I rapped in my first cypher. This producer I knew invited me to a cypher but we had different lunches. So I skipped class and went there and rapped. From then on my notoriety built and I started getting all types of love. That’s when I started noticing that people actually saw something in me. So I kept going hard.

NLM: Who are your musical influences?

RF: I have three main musical influences: Common, Mos Def, and Kanye. Common, who is my favourite artist, because of his content and lyricist, Mos Def because of his versatility in rap styles, and Kanye because of his general artistry and confidence. But I look a lot into different artists and distinguish whether or not I like them if I can feel them. If I can’t feel the music a certain way then I don’t pay too much attention to them.

NLM: Would you compare your sound to these musical influences?

RF: I don’t think I can compare my sound to anybody at this moment. I made sure that I couldn’t. In high school I was compared to people like Jay Electronica, Andre 3K, Common, J. Cole, etc… But now that I’ve grown, I told myself that I can’t try to sound like anybody else. So that’s why I choose totally different production than what you normally hear, I do different things on a track, etc….

NLM: So how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard your tracks?

RF: I really don’t know (laughs). I’ve been in situations where people would ask me who I would compare myself to and I would just tell them no one. Then I would play a track and let them decide. By the time they’re finished, they wouldn’t know either (laughs). But if anybody finds out, please let me know!

NLM: If you were to collaborate with a chart-topping artist of today, who would it be?

RF: That’s a tough one. Ummmm….I think I probably would want to collab with Ross. We from the same city so I think we would be able to relate on certain things that go on throughout the city and put together a real soulful joint.

NLM: What are your plans for 2014 and beyond? Do you have any upcoming  gigs? Please spill!

RF: Right now I’m just focusing on continuing to promote S.O.U.L. Bonz and I are currently working with my manager with the set-up of the Numb The Pain for Your S.O.U.L. tour for the fall. We started the summer locally. So by the fall we should be all over Florida and probably hit Georgia and the tri-state area.

NLM: When can we expect another project from you?

RF: I don’t know. That’s a good question. I am in discussion with my homie Sway (producer of Turnt Up) about making a joint mixtape but I don’t know what’s going to come out of that. So we’re going to talk more and see.




Star Song: No Sweat “Juicy Freestyle” – Catastrophicbee


Today’s song is No Sweat (Juicy Freestyle) by US upcoming rapper CATASTROPHICBEE.

The Norfolk State University student has been rapping for eight months, drawing inspiration from NOTORIOUS B.I.G, J.COLE, DRAKE, LAURYN HILL, EVE and MARVIN GAYE. Even though she has her influences, CATASTROPHICBEE whose real name is Brittni Stanfield – don’t want to be defined or put into any categories – oh no!

Just have a listen to No Sweat (Juicy Freestyle) – because this is an OFF-THE-WALL introduction to this hip-hop upriser’s raps – seriously CHECK-IT-OUT!

If you’re feeling this track, check out her SoundCloud page – it will be worth the trip-  and if you support this artist, CATASTROPHICBEE promises to bring you something different EVERY SINGLE TIME! This is only the beginning!