Song of the Day: Can’ t Deny It – The Dons

The Dons

Today’s song is Can’t Deny It by Critta & Aaron Romero -aka – THE DONS. These hip hoppers from Milwaukee,Wisconsin is letting every one know that they mean BUSINESS…HIP HOP BUSINESS. Check these bad boys out! To find out more about the hip hop duo, you can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter: @TheDonsHipHop.

Star Song: LilMissFly6 – So Wonderful

Lady6- twitter mixtape vol 1

Today’s song is called So Wonderful by Seattle-based rapper LIMISSFLY6. This track is from her latest mixtape Twitter Tape Vol.1 released earlier this year. Let me tell you something, it was so HARD to pick a favourite from the mixtape –every single track (and I really mean EVERY SINGLE TRACK) is out of sight! After hours of listening, it was a tossup between So Wonderful and the super bad Automatic (featuring Andro Loud). In the end So Wonderful was chosen the song of the day as it is the PERFECT introduction this superfly rapper’s super cool raps over that summer-breezing track.

I don’t usually beg – but I’M BEGGING YOU NOW- listen to So Wonderful. Before I sign off, check out Everyone Was On It – another badass track! Oh what the hell, head over to her Bandcamp page and check out the whole mixtape!