Song of the Day: Heat Of The Moon – Eliza

British R&B/soul musician ELIZA‘s single ‘Heat Of The Moon,’ details the immersive experience of being deeply enveloped in the throes of the emotional sensations that come when one falls in love again.

Underpinning the song’s palpably earnest spirit is its bewitching and bass-heavy production handled by Finlay ‘Phairo’ Robson. Sonically traversing neo-soul, indie and Hip-Hop sounds while recalling the likes of Aaliyah, Nirvana and The Roots.

The new single marks a continuation of the second phase in ELIZA’s (formerly known as Eliza Doolittle) musical re-invention. After being disillusioned with narrow and isolating boxes levied onto her during her days as a mainstream pop artist, she took some time out of the spotlight and re-emerged in 2017 as ELIZA. Signaling a prioritizing of authentic artistry and musicianship over commerce and numbers.

Her first outing under the moniker was the revelatory and critically acclaimed ‘A Real Romantic’ which featured stirring cuts such as ‘Alone & Unafraid, ‘All Night’ and ‘Wide Eyed Fool’ in addition to ‘Wasn’t Looking’ which spawned a well-received rendition on COLORS that to date has amassed an excess of 25 million views on YouTube.

‘Heat of the Moon’ is now out across various music platforms…have a peep at the official music video below…

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