Song of the Day: Focus (ft. Supreme Soul) – The 3Kngz

focus the 3kngz

I have another electrifying hip-hop track for you hip-hop heads out there. Today’s song is Focus by THE 3KNG. Track coming from their  album Endsight, released last July.

Last time the hip-hoppers were featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC, joining forces with PALEFACE JUNKIES for another in-your-face track, Killa Inside Me. Now these guys have their own spot on the blog as they are definitely in a league of their own – take time out and listen to Focus (and you’ll see what I mean!) If the track tickles your fancy, ahead over to their Bandcamp page and check out their album which fuses hip-hop with different genres with hard-hitting messages. Must listen.

Also show your appreciation and holla them @3KNGZ.

Song of the Day: So Wassup (ft. MelekRa) – 2Twinzz

TwinVA - Wassup

Today’s song is So Wassup by Virginia-based hip hoppers,   2TWINZZ.

2TWINZZ comprises of (you probably guessed it) twins -the Handy brothers. Together they’ve created some seriously head jerking, bass driven tracks that should not be sniffed at. So go on, have a sample at  Wassup – and listen to the twins hard at work. You feeling this track? Head over to their SoundCloud page!

Song of the Day: Killa Inside Me – Paleface Junkies (Ft. 3KNGZ and DJ Innovation)

paleface Junkies

Today’s song is Killa Inside Me, the latest track by PALEFACE JUNKIES.

This underground hardcore hip hop act is coming from the 90’s golden era, dropping their first-ever track, Rock The House in 1992.

Although they hail knock out acts like LA COKA NOSTRA, SWOLLEN MEMBERS and MADCHILD as their influences KID VIBE,  the mastermind of the  the St.Louis based group, produced all the tracks, putting a different spin on  aggressive, hardcore hip hop which is coupled with  hard-hitting, straight up lyrics. Their unique stamp hasn’t gone unnoticed as it is well received by online radio stations across the US.

So if you’re a fan of hardcore hip hop, have a listen to Killa Inside Me…and if you’re not, give a try! If you’re liking Killa Inside Me, it’s well worth the visit their SoundCloud page, where there’s a whole collection of crazy-out-of-this-world tracks.

Song of the Day: Can’ t Deny It – The Dons

The Dons

Today’s song is Can’t Deny It by Critta & Aaron Romero -aka – THE DONS. These hip hoppers from Milwaukee,Wisconsin is letting every one know that they mean BUSINESS…HIP HOP BUSINESS. Check these bad boys out! To find out more about the hip hop duo, you can follow them on Facebook and on Twitter: @TheDonsHipHop.

Star Song: It’s Over Now – Kin4Life

Ki4Life Money Brings Trouble

Today’s song is It’s Over Now by female rap duo KIN4LIFE. The track is coming from their latest album, Money Brings Trouble, released in August under their label, Noriq Records.

Now these girls have been featured on NEW LEASE MUSIC twice (with tracks Goes Up with DJ CELLBLOCK and Never Stop with LIQUOR STORE BANDIT and PALEFACE JUNKIES).Now this time they got their own spot and now it’s time to find out a little more about these hot properties…

Born and raised in Mt Vernon, New York (a town renowned for its contribution to hip hop in the 80’s and 90’s) lifetime friends Nor and IQ decided to put their hometown back on the hip hop map with their KELLIS/NEPTUNES-esque beats – and at that point, they never look back! Launching their record label in 2002, they waste no time in releasing the album KIN4LIFE Volume.1 and two EPs, Rock Star and I Love Kin4Life. Success soon followed when the video to their hit single, Make Up Girl, was on the Click List Countdown on MTV’s logo for 11 weeks and was nominated for The Click List’s Top Ten Videos of 2009.

These female emcees- who collaborated with DJ JAZZY JEFF, LIL FLIP and BLACK ICE–headlined the GQ Magazine New York Nightlife Award Show as well as Pride celebration in New York, Atlanta and Philadelphia. Best of all, they were named Group of the Year by 2010 Readers Poll.

Without a shadow of a doubt they deserve the hype – just listen to It’s Over Now. Their raw wordplay coupled with their signature beats just shows that female rappers are not dead in the hip hop game.

If you’re feeling It’s Over Now, head over to iTunes where you can check the rest of the tracks on the album Money Brings Troubles.