Star Song: Breathe Audio – All My Sins

Breathe Audio

Today’s song is from Jack Bicknell and Nick Proudlock, otherwise known as BREATHE AUDIO. The British duo started out in late 2012, bringing their very unique infusion of indie pop and electronic and perhaps a little soft rock to the scene. Their signature sound was well-received as in their short existence, the indie act was fully booked for live shows around Manchester.

In February, they released their uplifting 80’s inspired pop track Born Again available on SoundCloud – and there’s no stopping BREATHE AUDIO as they churned out another equally uplifting indie pop/electronic creation, All My Sins. So what’s the next for these guys? Well they’ve locked themselves away in their ‘home studio’, writing and producing incomparable productions – and the plan is to release a single every six weeks. So maybe there’s an album in the pipeline? That depends on you! Go on, show your appreciation and have a listen to All My Sins – because good original music starts right here!