New Music Video: Liar – Andreas Wijk

Swedish singer/songwriter ANDREAS WIJK unveiled his debut video – with such poise and style, I must say – for single, ‘Liar’,

Boasting an elegant fusion of R&B and electro pop, the three-minute production sees Andreas – also a model for YSL and Tommy Hilfiger – expresses his agony over a lost love, through his rich pop/soulful false falsetto.

Music has always been Andreas’ passion and at the age of 15, he put up his first cover on YouTube – but his experience in the industry hasn’t been so straightforward. After a consistency releasing videos, which caught the eye of a major label in Los Angeles, he found himself trapped in a dispute label deal for years. “I wrote music all the time, but couldn’t release anything.” Andreas said of the experience.

Instead, he created a name in media by working on huge campaigns for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabanna and YSL. Today, Andreas returned to the music by releasing his project 100% independent.

So here your chance to check out Andreas’ latest offering…enjoy!

The video was directed by Andreas Wijk and Joel Hordegard.