Song of the Day: Looking For You – Steele

STEELE ‘s latest dark pop number ‘Looking For You’, seamlessly fuses elements of post-rock and trip-hop with electro pop. Likened to Imogen Heap and Bjork but with her own recognisable stamp, the Swedish alt-songbird is raising eyebrows around the globe.

She was featured in Rolling Stone – three times – and also appeared at Elle’s 2017 fashion show, which put her at the brink of something huge but tragedy struck when she was struck down with meningitis, leaving her with epilepsy and a complete lifestyle change. This has merely forged her resolve further to succeed within the music industry and to date, STEELE‘s songs have collectively reached over five million plays on streaming services.

‘Looking For You’ is the follow-up to her stunning ballad ‘Temporary Love’, both of which appear on her soon to be released debut album ‘Paroxysm’ on 13th.


New Music Video: Liar – Andreas Wijk

Swedish singer/songwriter ANDREAS WIJK unveiled his debut video – with such poise and style, I must say – for single, ‘Liar’,

Boasting an elegant fusion of R&B and electro pop, the three-minute production sees Andreas – also a model for YSL and Tommy Hilfiger – expresses his agony over a lost love, through his rich pop/soulful false falsetto.

Music has always been Andreas’ passion and at the age of 15, he put up his first cover on YouTube – but his experience in the industry hasn’t been so straightforward. After a consistency releasing videos, which caught the eye of a major label in Los Angeles, he found himself trapped in a dispute label deal for years. “I wrote music all the time, but couldn’t release anything.” Andreas said of the experience.

Instead, he created a name in media by working on huge campaigns for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabanna and YSL. Today, Andreas returned to the music by releasing his project 100% independent.

So here your chance to check out Andreas’ latest offering…enjoy!

The video was directed by Andreas Wijk and Joel Hordegard.