Song of the Day: Augustine – Kalahara

The first piece of music the pair (KALAHARA) wrote together, ‘Augustine’ is a more stripped back and emotive affair this time. The sparse production gives the vocal room to breathe evoking a sense of release and letting go. The music develops around a percussive swung conga leading you into Lydia Kaye’s incredible haunting vocal. Her beautiful multi layered harmonies glide over the deep rising bass-line, sonically enforcing the repeating motif ‘I lost myself’ building the track into a piece of dreamy downtempo alt-pop becoming mesmerising with the subtle yet addictive chorus.

The EP comes with remixes from some of the underground’s finest in the form of remixes from Bandulu gang’s very own Boofy & Wu Yen ( Hi5Ghost). Both take the original and flip it into straight up fire taking elements of the vocal but then dropping into their trademark dutty 808’s, snares and soundsystem shaking bass. Finishing off with a glitchy remix from newcomer Art|Thft the EP is complete.

The original is also accompanied by an absolutely stunning video from the incredibly talented filmmaker Craig Murray (Mogwai, Snow Ghost, Houndstooth etc) starring his own wife, who pairs the delicate original with a brilliant short film. Using his trademark elements of stop motion animation and film, taking its influence from a mutual love of ‘komorebi’ , space and the universe and everything in between it is the final piece of the puzzle to complete the release.


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