New Track: Switch Up – Marcelle Adrianna (ft. Monique Amarylis)

Vocal powerhouse and ever rising R&B talent MARCELLE ADRIANNA delivers her latest soulful single ‘Switch Up’ featuring Monique Amarylis.

‘Switch Up’ comes off the back of her spellbinding EP ‘THE PROLOGUE’ which unearthed a handful of tracks that grabbed the attention of global gatekeeper to R&B, DJ Ace, who supported Marcelle on his BBC Radio 1Xtra show. The EP also saw Pride Magazine highlight her as their ‘One to Watch’ whilst the likes of Neon Music stated that she “deserves to be heard by millions of people”. She has previously performed alongside the 1975 and collaborated with Melissa Steel, so it is safe to say she is ticking a lot of boxes.

Delving into feel-good, old-school R&B goodness MARCELLE ADRIANNA showcases her signature riffs and succulent harmonies as nostalgic and contemporary flavours twist into a genuine R&B sound. With a bouncy backdrop, Marcelle and Monique, who are good friends beyond the studio, showcase their chemistry and put their real life conversations to life, providing an honest insight into the dynamics of relationships.

Born and raised in Toronto, Monique is another star in the making. Last year marked the release of her debut offering ’Falling in Love Again’ and ‘Switch Up’ is the follow-up single, which sees the two talents vocals effortlessly entwining…check it out below…

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