KNOE Goes On A Lusty Journey With ‘Manhattan Summer’

Perfect for those warm summer nights, KNOE‘s new single ‘Manhattan Summer’, captures the rough sophistication of love in the queen of metropolis.

KNOE unfolds his seemingly effortless ability to transport the listener to ‘there and then’, with an element of Jazzy rap that makes this joint so sensual.

The inspiration behind this track goes back to his times in Manhattan. KNOE holds our hand and takes us for a walk through a romantic period full of lust and desire, while drawing a parallel between falling head over heels for someone and for a temperamental scene like Manhattan. “In reminiscence of that summer, I noticed a crazy similarity between the way I felt for a woman and the way I felt for the city.” The independent artist works alongside singer Paloma to bring those hot late evenings in the city to life.

‘Manhattan Summer’ follows his 2019 EP ‘Reasons’ and latest single ‘Down’. This one’s a REAL gem. Check it out below…

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