KANDA Reflects On Racial Inequality With Emotive Single, ‘Never The Same’

16-year-old Sachin Kanda – aka – KANDA‘s brand new hip-hop single, ‘Never The Same’, is a hard-hitting, emotional piece that expresses societies feelings towards racial inequality and the need for change. A simple acoustic sounding instrumental highlights KANDA’s passionate vocals and lyrics leaving room for the words to resonate with the prospective listener.

“Being a singer-songwriter, I have been working on a project to express my thoughts and emotions about society and its attitudes towards people of colour. Black Lives Matter, and we, as a community must do better to make a change and love another. Rest In Peace George Floyd and countless others who have suffered at the hands of injustice of racial profiling and police brutality. I hope my music too can make a difference”.  – KANDA

KANDA has released a variety of songs throughout 2020, one of which (K.O.T.J) was played by BBC Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire. In addition to this, KANDA has performed at the 02 (London) in the final of the Open Mic Competition UK.

Check out the video for ‘Never The Same’ below…

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