Song of the Day: Love Potion – Jai Amore

Off the heels of his falsetto blazing single ‘Give Me You’, released earlier this year, North West Londoner JAI AMORE‘s latest single, ‘Love Potion’ is another intimate vocal performed on top of a classy guitar and string
arrangement, which embodies both new school and old school R&B with a hint of soul.

Speaking of his latest creation, Jai says: “I’ve tried to paint a musical landscape where you find yourself feeling the nostalgia of 90’s
RnB, the theatrics of opera, and the realness of a story that unfolds with each line. I think
there’s so much we still love and learn from the RnB we’re making in the UK, because we
have such unique stories to tell, and a unique way of telling them.”

Check out ‘Love Potion’ below…

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