Bonetired Shares Brand New Single, ‘Part Time Chase.’

BONETIRED‘s new single, ‘Part-Time Chase’ is a catchy yet sultry pop-ballad, with a lyrical hook, brought together with a feel-good rugged, dirty bass.

Dan Puckey, the lead singer, said: “This track has been in the making for two years from pure blood, sweat and tears from all of us in the band. We wanted this track to highlight how far we’ve come as a band and create a track that people want to listen to on repeat”.

Formed in early 2018, within months Bonetired had filled venues in their hometown in Cornwall and earned a reputation as one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the South-West English music scene. Their debut single ‘Embers’, released in November 2018, was added to Spotify’s Discover Weekly and New Music Release Radar which then went on to reach 50k streams over multiple streaming platforms, and reached over 80 countries.

Bonetired’s diverse dynamic sound along with their high-octane individual performances have helped the band quickly get regularly handpicked by BBC Introducing to play at various festivals. To date, the band has played 100+ gigs, which includes touring over the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, including headlining Princess Pavilions in Falmouth.

So here’s your chance to hear the rockers-on-the-rise; have a listen to ‘Part Time Chase’ below…

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