Tarah Who? Calls Out The Music Industry With Upcoming Single, ‘Push Me’

After watching The Grammys in 2020, TARAH WHO? noticed the presence of rock acts, particularly female-fronted rock bands, were non-existent, and this weighed heavy on her mind for some time.

Tarah Who? was gobsmacked when she listened to some of the rock band’s views of the changes in the current music industry. This is when Tarah Who? reached boiling point and couldn’t sit on the issue anymore – so she took action.

The result is her upcoming single, ‘Push Me’, which she wrote with YUR MUM, who is also featured in the production. Using her unorthodox and non-conformist style and in-your-face, raw lyrics, Tarah Who? uses this single to call out the music industry by speaking up for the mispresented – rock acts, female-fronted rock bands, and independent musicians who work around the clock to get their music some attention.

A plea to the music industry, Tarah Who? hopes their upcoming single will shake up the misrepresentation within the scene, so rock bands, female-fronted rock bands, and struggling independent and unsigned artists can get fair attention from prospective fans- and also make it to the Grammys!

‘Push Me’ is slated for release next Friday (17th December) on various digital music platforms – so please look out for that. But for now, get a taste of Tarah Who?’s previous releases below…


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