JVSTN Shares Mesmeric Single, ‘Dancing With The Enemy’

Photo: Chandler Clamp

JVSTN.‘s synth-heavy and forward pop single, ‘Dancing With The Enemy’ is his first original offering, following his smooth cover of Frank Oceans’ ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’. The New York-based pop artist has been working on his music production skills and started writing original music for the first time in 2021. Years of formal singing training, performing and recording with collegiate a cappella group The University of Rochester Midnight Ramblers, and music production courses have culminated to this very moment.

His new song actually started out as a songwriting and production exercise through Charlie Puth’s Monthly.com course. JVSTN. wrote the song with his best friend from college, Charlie Aldrich, and decided it would make an excellent debut. He produced the track himself in his Brooklyn bedroom and is excited to share it with the world!

Speaking of his debut offering, JVSN says: “‘Dancing With The Enemy’ is about a romantic nightmare a lot of us have experienced. I tried to capture the idea of teetering between semi-opaque feelings of a deep love and devastating hurt and anxiety. I go back and forth between infatuation and an uncertain dread. The music video (to be released in late January) focuses on a mysteriously alluring and manipulative woman. She draws me in and ultimately stabs me in the back – similar to what the feared venus fly trap does with its prey.”

This one’s a real beauty; check out the brand new video for single below…

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