Magi Merlin Shares New Single, ‘Free Grillz’ + Video

After courting a cult following with her underground EPs Drug Music, On My Way to the Listening Party, and subsequent singles, the ever-mysterious Canadian artist, MAGI MERLIN (pronounced MADGE-eye) is stepping into her moment with new single, ‘Free Grillz.’ The new track follows off earlier tips from CRACK Magazine and spots opening for the likes of Lido Pimienta and playing at Osheaga alongside ODIE, Jessie Reyez, etc. She will support the new single with SXSW dates and a debut headline show in Brooklyn at Purgatory on March 9.

Produced by longtime collaborator and beatsmith Funkywhat, ‘Free Grillz’ finds Magi’s vocals gliding over frostbitten hi-hats, tectonic snares, and a shattering bassline showing off the extent of her talents, marrying a sensuous and self-assured rapping style with a wistful hook. Changing tact from earlier releases, Merlin switches out some of those syrupy R&B flavors for the sounds of 90’s house, drum and bass and acid-flecked hip-hop. ‘Free Grillz’ is a track that playfully aspires to the tropes of rap fame while also frankly reflecting on the realities of day-to-day life (like having your name mispronounced, or having to kick out the clingy man who won’t leave your apartment).

Directed by Walid Jabri, the music video for ‘Free Grillz’ shows Magi in an intimidating, cold and yet utterly captivating light. Proudly flaunting her grillz, she embodies the daring attitude of the song and mesmerizes viewers in an array of red hues and fast-moving shots. From motorcycle rides to blowing off a boring guy and mosh pitting, Magi keeps us on our toes as she references the lifestyle in the lyrics.

Check out the fierce video to the equally fierce track below…

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