Rapper Raimie Puts His Cards On The Table With Track, ‘Insecure’.

Often described as self-defined “hip-hop outsider” New York-born/ Los Angeles based rapper RAIMIE delivers a brand new pensive confessional track titled ‘Insecure’, where he shares how alcohol opens windows in his consciousness.

Raimie shares of Insecure: “When writing (and partially producing) Insecure, I wanted to recreate the dramatic and quickly changing emotions I often feel on a daily basis. The storyline of the song moves from introspective to depressive and ultimately to both inspired and hopeful, as is often the case when dealing with my own challenges, both personal and professional. Ultimately, through the trials and tribulations, my passion and love for both music and self-betterment propel me to continue striving to reach and accomplish my goals. More than anything, I wrote this song in hopes that others who go through similar issues feel less alone, like somebody truly understands them.”

The song starts with a captivating rhythmic piano line which helps to set the tone of the track. Throughout the sonic landscape darkens dramatically within the piece. A combination of descending chords from a vertigo-inducing guitar, accompany the terse testimonial as Raimie shifts from rapping to singing.

With multiple EP releases, a series of singles, music videos alongside extensive production, mixing, and collaboration credits, Raimie is at home behind the board as he is in the vocal booth. Having studied at the Cre8 Academy in partnership with famed Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles, where legendary projects including Michael Jackson’s Thriller were famously tracked, Raimie is a name to watch for 2022.

Have a listen to ‘Insecure’ below…

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