Watch Jessica Wilde’s Video For Track, ‘Heads In The Roses.’

Acclaimed nu-soul sensation JESSICA WILDE has unveiled the video for her latest track, ‘Heads In The Roses’, which is a dark and meaningful song about the escapism of drug mis-use represented in a gorgeous bass loaded resplendent soulful production.

‘Heads In The Roses’ is about burying your head in the roses and not facing up to the reality of addiction, framed in catchy nu-soul pop chic.

About the track Jess explains, “I found love in this escapism…I was fully caught up in the fantasy and wanted that captured in the video which re-enacts a true romance story between me and another girl.”

‘Heads In The Roses’ is from her highly anticipated debut album ‘Sober, Wasted, Wasted, Sober’ releases earlier this month…why not check out the video below…

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